March 21, 2012

Dar la caña

In Spain there are 3 meanings for the word "caña".

1. A delicious pastry filled with chocolate.
2. A tall glass of beer.
3. Give someone a beating (with a cane or with words)

Today I just sent an email to my 4 other fat friends to "dar la caña" (to beat them with words).  I feel like we have all decided that we are not going to probably win the $10k and have feel that we have all given up (with the possible exception of Caleb who is at 10.67% weight loss - bien hech, Caleb, bien hech (good job)).  I think that we are forgetting that we committed $60 AND our word! - to ourselves AND to 4 other teammates that we were going to do our utmost to lose 16.6% of our body weight.  If 16.6% seems unreachable that does not mean that you are allowed to throw in your towel and give up - we still have 4 weeks remaining.  An ENTIRE month!  If we give up now, we have no excuses as to why we are fat.  I am going to hold my end of the bargain up to the rest of you. 

I promise Caleb, Devin, Haley, and Bethany that I will finish the commitment that I started to them to do my utmost to reach 16.6% weight loss by April 20th. 

I swear that I will get it done and you better swear to.

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