March 1, 2012

Taking It to the Top

Friends, fatties, teammates, lend me your eyes.  I come to admit that I am, indeed, the "weakest link" but I also come to forewarn you to BEWARE of the NINJA (pronounced "neeeeenja") that is B-dawg.  WarrWagon.  Alpha-back.  Whatever you wanna call me, be cautious around me because I am the dark horse 'rounding the corner to take this competition down.  Down to Chinatown!

So, I'm behind.  Like, way behind.  I have been involved with an evil force called the Utah State Bar, and that demon has been exercised in the form of a 2-day, 8-hours-a-day exam of epic, nightmarish proportions.  Now that it's over, I FEEL lighter (although, for some reason that didn't show up on the scale) and I am totally recommitted to rocking this catzbaugh (sp?) like it's 1999 (which happens to be the year I graduated from HS, so I love saying party like it's 1999).

But honestly, people, are those pictures provided by our beloved Captain Nellie like, cookbook-gorgeous or what?  I am getting on Nellie's plan, 'cause she gets titillating pleasure from the minutia of weekly balanced and delicious meal planing, and she does it very well.  So here's to Nellie!

Also, here's to my little bro, Isaac, or "big slam" who is a fan of the Fat 5 and will hopefully give us a good bootcamp training soon!  Loves!


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