March 1, 2012

Welcome March

I have a few things to discuss today - none of them connected and none of them REALLY profound.

1.  Welcome March! I love that January and February are OVER - on to the best parts of the year!
2.  March, why do you have to start off with a snow storm?  Jerk.
3.  Tomorrow begins week 6 of our competition.  That means that March 9th is our 1/2 way point.  Hopefully, we will have all lost 8.5% of our weight by that point - that will put us in line for a strong finish.
4.  Today is my deadline to get my seeds for my garden ordered.  I am VERY excited - and truthfully a little nervous that everything is going to wither and die.
5.  Modern Family last night was FUNNY!

Carry On!

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